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My photography has an emotional impact with bold and vibrant images that evoke a feeling and can make the viewer feel as if they were there with me or that they could reach out and touch the image. I have vast experience taking pictures around the great state of Florida and I enjoy all that Florida has to offer from people having fun to getting to see amazing vistas and locations.

My love of photography started when I was a teenager. As I got a little older my mom and I would travel around the country during the summer and she taught me camera techniques and how to properly frame an image to get that great shot. She felt learning through experience was the best teacher and the amazing sites we visited were wonderful for learning how to get that great photo. I also took a year of formal photography training in school.

More recently, I have gravitated toward action and event photography because I like interacting with people and seeing those one of a kind moments captured for all to enjoy. I enjoy meeting new people in there element who want to share their personal experiences and emotions. Basically with action and event photography it is not about having the time to set the perfect settings. It is more about did I capture that moment and will it evoke the feelings I was attempting to capture. I think that being a counselor by trade in the past has helped me to see that life is emotional and that photography can be emotional. I hope that when you experience my pictures it evokes feelings of joy and wonder, but it also makes you think about some wonderful experiences you have had from your own life adventures. I will keep searching for that next great picture and I hope you will enjoy seeing them as much as I have had taking them.

Pembroke Pines, Florida